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The undersigned (for himself [herself], his [her] agents, executors, heirs, assigns and administrators), for and in consideration of the right to participate, and/or actual participation, in Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers (“PGH H3”) events, and all activities connected thereto, in and out of Pittsburgh, PA, and with the intent to be legally bound, does hereby remise, release and forever discharge, and agree and covenant not to sue: (1) Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers, its officers, directors, shareholders, members, guests and agents, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns (2) Any municipality in which a running and/or hashing event takes place; and (3) any conservancies, associations, both known and unknown, whether herein named or referred to or not. This release pertains to all, and to all manner of suits or claims whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising from participation in PGH H3 events and all activities connected therewith, including, but not limited to runs, associated social events, and transportation both to and from. The undersigned expressly acknowledges that certain risks and dangers are attendant to participation in "hashing events" and the undersigned specifically assumes the risk of such participation and expressly releases and waivers all claims against any parties having to do with sponsoring or promoting the same.

The Small Print and Bottom Line:

I can hurt myself if I want to. If I do hurt myself, it’s my own fucking fault.

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