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What Should I bring?
Wear clothes you are comfortable moving around outside in, that you dont mind if they get stained or even ripped, depending on how wildly you decide run. Do NOT wear new shoes. Do bring a change of clothes for afterwards. If the hash is listed as CONTRA, do bring money on trail for the beerstops and food.
What Are Our Hashes Like?
Trails are generally of the pre-laid variety. Someone occasionally does the "live hare" thing just to confuse us (not hard to do). The average length is 3-4 miles, but you never know for sure. Rarely does a trail not have a beer stop, shiggy (mud, thorns, etc.), and hills. Typically, about 30 people show up for regular hashes and slightly less show up for pay-your-own-way hashes (e.g., Full Moon hashes).
Membership - $15/year
While there are innumerable casual participants in our hashes, we have an official membership who are kept in the loop for special events and help to cover misc. operating expenses. The Pittsburgh Hash has approximately 80 active members. The membership is about half male and half female. Inbreeding is popular here; there are several married couples plus a few stranger relationships. Members pay annual dues to fund special events and cover miscellaneous expenses. In addition to paying dues, each member must "host" one hash per year; that is, lay a trail and provide food and beer at the end.
Not a member? Join Us or Renew your membership for 2010 Word Doc or PDF or SIGN UP AND PAY ONLINE (75 cent fee to cover paypal charges)
Who Started Us on Our Road to Ruin?
The Pittsburgh HHH was founded in 1980 by Jay "Cap't Lewd" Gore. Run #1 was June 14, 1980. Hashes were originally held every other week for a while, but now hashes are weekly. Jack "No Code" Brillman and Mary Jane "Sprain Brain" Brillman hared the first Full Moon hash in September of 1989; Full Moon hashes continue to be held on every full moon. Go figure.
About the logo: It was designed by Sharon "Outhouse" Newman and first appeared in the newsletter handed out at Run 217 on September 22, 1986 (with the writeup of Run 216).
A Testimonial:
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 13:29:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: tubslut

A little bit of history. Before H5 ever existed there was a Pittsburgh Hash. 
They were the first, and premier hash event of the Spring. They had the band 
( Jill West Blues Band), the hot tubs, and the Midnight Nude Runs. Not to take 
anything away from H5, because I also think that Stinko is the best, but 
Pittsburgh was THE model for a hashing/camping weekend. This will be my 21st 
year of attending PGH's Analversary, and I'm very happy to see we're getting 
more and more H5ers.*
Laying for the First Time?
Where Can I get a Good Map Tool?
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