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Your PGH H3 Occifers & Mismanagment for June 2010 - May 2011:
Grand Mattress:
seXray The beginning of SeXray started in the year 2009, the month of June! It all started at the leftover hash with KGB as the hare!
Defender of Peedom decided to introduce hashing to this shy and timid girl, which seemed to be the normal thing for him! :) jk jk lol :) :) !!!!
As she was running through the trail, she realized how much she enjoyed this crazy lifestyle,
but she never would have thought 2 years from the day she would become the new GM of the hash!
And boy was she an idiot for accepting, but she's a half-mind so of course it was bound to happen! :) jk jk lol!!! ON-ON!!!
Religious Advisor:
Giant Ankle
Pic & Bio Cumming Soon!
Hash Cash:
WMD Bio Cumming Soon!
It could be you!
Hash Horn Folker Folker started hashing in 1983, with the now-defunct Laurel Highlands Hash. His first Pittsburgh Hash was the 100th run in June, 1984.

His interest in folk music, folk dance, and general folking around was what earned him his hash name.

He has been known to toot his horn not just at hashes, but in 10Ks and marathons.
Moon, Pelvis Chestley & Defender of Peedom
Pelvis Chestley:

It started on a dark and stormy night. Just "soon-to-be-named-Pelvis" went on a blind date with 13 hashers. She was young. She was innocent. She ended the evening forever changed. Pelvis was born. She quickly climbed the ladder of hashy leadership (standards are really low around this place) and worked her way through the ranks of Beer Wench, Co-RA, and Grand Mattress. Now, her and Defender are joining forces with Moon to bring you some updated, modern, awesome Pittsburgh habby! Yes, it takes three half-minds to make decisions. If there's something in particular you want, crave, desire, hit her up with ideas: pelvis_chestley@pgh-h3.com.

Beer Wench:
It could be you!
If we don't have a beer wench by the time circle rolls around, some unfortunate "just" will be voluntold!   
Hash Monsignor:
Whiff Meister
Whiff began his Pittsburgh hashing career on Feb. 23, 1992, filed for divorce two weeks later and has never looked back. Many thank G that he's devoted his genius to hash songs rather than evil. A three-term Religious Advisor, he retired after the embarrassing episode with the goat, the beer wench and a foaming beef probe. He created and adopted the dubious title of Hash Monsignor and milks it for all the questionable value it's worth. Whiff
Hare Raiser:
4-F You
4-F You Pittsburgh's very own, not quite old enough to be, dirty old man. He's taken pictures of you for years, but nobody's ever seen them; now he's gonna make sure that someone's haring every week so that he can keep it up. Now that 4-F You has a position of some accountability, we fear he may just post those pictures somewhere. You have been warned.
Web Masterbator:
Paki Sak
Paki Sak An innocent paki who is harassed by all the fucking hashers!