HHHypno-Chestly Halloween Hoopla Hash!

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Somewhere Inn - 4749 Plummer St, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville), PA 15201 (412-682-0901)
Same as the start...Somewhere Inn
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HHHypnotits!!!!!!!!!! Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pelvis!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, the dynamic duo of HHHypno-Chestley are at it again. Since Halloween is our favorite holiday, we wanted to share it with our hash family. This will be a contra hash (this means bring cash for trail). Yes, costumes are required - don't even ask.
Bring your ghouish game. Oh and no whining allowed. Set your expecations low and you'll leave dazzled!
Also...Steelers fan - the game is at 4:15pm. I have a sneaky suspicion that the Inn has tvs and that there may be the opportunity to watch moments of the game along the way. Also, please note that Somewhere Inn doesn't open its doors until 2pm, so if you get there earlier than that, you'll be thirsty.
Pelvis - 724-747-6688
Want to see some awesome, shiny hair?
HHHypnotits - 412-606-3082