"American Football"!!!... duh its not real football

Ladies, Gentlemen and Moon... Are you ready for some football?
Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday Nov 24th, 2011, the Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers
is going to bring to you the first Inaugural PGH-3 Turkey Bowl Classic!
The Turkey Bowl is a game of one hand touch football with just a few special hasher-oriented rules:
1) All players must keep a half full (or half empty) open beverage in one hand at all times, and
2) The ball is actually a small frozen turkey (or perhaps a pigeon, or a pheasant, or a duck, or a goose or a chicken)!
3) The field will be marked in flour. 4) The game will consist of 4 timed quarters. Yes, there will be a winner...
Who: Anyone that shows up!!!!! (We'll need ref's too so if you don't want to play, you can still be a part of this historic event.)
What: The Inaugural PGH-3 Turkey Bowl
When: Saturday November 26, 2010
Where: The field behind Big Jim's "In The Run", 201 Saline Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Directions for you so called Geeks!
Why: It's something to do and its different....
"Gather at 1:00 Peeeee Eeemmm and we'll pick teams and drink some beers until we start the game... Turkey Bowl starts at 2:00 Peeeee Eeemmm."
What to bring????
1) A sense of humor and handi-wipes.
2) Warm clothes, god only knows what the weather will be like.
3) Running shoes or cleats.
4. $5.00 to cover the cost of the beer you're going to spill on the field and
whatever you want to spend to eat and drink with afterwards. Yes, we will be playing with a dead frozen bird
Yes, it will start to thaw out as we play.
Yes, it will get slimy and fun.
Yes, it will start to fall apart but we'll continue play with the largest part of the bird.
Why do I say all this? You might want to consider wearing clothes you might not want to keep
and throw away afterwards... I'm just saying.

Erections for absolute retards:

From 376 East: Take Squirrel Hill exit and immediately turn right following sign to Greenfield.
This puts you onto Beechwood Blvd. Stay on Beechwood until the next red light where
you will turn left onto Greenfield Road. Make the next right onto Greenfield Avenue and
follow to the bottom of the hill where you will make a right onto Saline Street.
See you there with your game face!